Kelley's RV Park: About Us
Why we call it "A quiet stay by the bay"

We have a large number of senior residents at Kelley's. They
prefer a quiet, non-boisterous setting to live in.We do our best to
maintain that ambiance.

Even though Kelley's isn't exclusively a senior's park, we do
encourage seniors as tenants, and their wishes are a strong
consideration in how we manage and maintain our RV Park.
that end, our Park Rules and Courtesy Requests help maintain the
ambiance that our seniors and other residents have come to value.
Therefore, repeated non-compliance with the park rules is grounds
for terminating a tenant's rental agreement. The park rules and
courtesy requests are there to ensure that everyone has an
enjoyable stay at Kelley's.

Kelley's RV Park was founded by Captain Kelley in 1978. It has
had several owners in the years since. Presently it is maintained by
Chuck and Andy, who are the owners and operators of Kelley's
since January 2004.